Below is a list of the smileys available on this forum. Note that smileys may differ from forum to forum.

Please note that not all of the smiley codes will be correctly parsed and converted to images unless their opening spaces are present.

Name Image (click to insert) Code (type to insert)
Bussemandssmiley Bussemandssmiley
Super-happy-da Super-happy-da
Jule-smiley :Jule-smiley: :Jule-smiley:
Lange Patter :langepatter: :langepatter:
Psyko-Jul :julepsyko: :julepsyko:
Slikkevinke Slikkevinke
Orangesleep Orangesleep
Julegrin :Julegrin: :Julegrin:
Roll Eyes :Jeanette: :Jeanette:
Jule-ked :Jule-ked: :Jule-ked:
Jule-sur :Jule-sur: :Jule-sur:
Næsepik :naesepik: :naesepik:
:Knæfald: :Knæfald:
Syggangsta :gangsta: :gangsta:
Spasser :spasser: :spasser:
Tommelned Tommelned
Kelller :Dimmer: :Dimmer:
sneaky :sneaky: :sneaky:
Mischief Mischief
Offtobed Offtobed
Tanja :Tanja: :Tanja:
Psyko :psyko: :psyko:
:bløb: :bløb:
*Bløb* *Bløb*
*bløb* *bløb*
:bolge: :bolge:
:Pifte: :Pifte:
:Bræk: :Bræk:
Afro :afro: :afro:
Hjerterudafrøven :love: :love:
Hjerte Hjerte
Lazolo Lazolo
Mammam Mammam
:Pege: :Pege:
pikioeret :pik: :pik:
Azn :azn: :azn:
Jule-oste :Jul: :Jul:
Banjo Banjo
Træt Træt
Mimre Mimre
Shock Shock
Spank Spank
Tuder Tuder
Frown Frown
Eager Eager
Pift Pift
Flag Flag
Blah Blah
Nono Nono
Sur1 Sur1
Pfft Pfft
Hmmm Hmmm
>:( >:(
Huh? ??? ???
Embarrassed :-[ :-[
Lips Sealed :-X :-X
Undecided :-\ :-\
Kiss :-* :-*
Cry :'( :'(
Evil >:D >:D
Hej Hej
Hov Hov
Cen Cen
lol lol
Yuk Yuk
Gah Gah
K19 K19
Smiley :) :)
Cheesy :D :D
Grin ;D ;D
Sad :( :(
Shocked :o :o
Cool 8) 8)
Tongue :P :P
:Scaresmilie: :Scaresmilie:
:Sove1: :Sove1:
:Syg1: :Syg1:
:Whip: :Whip:
:Tommelop1: :Tommelop1:
:v: :v:
:tjek: :tjek: